May, Joseph
Welcome to the JCIB Middle School Art Department page.
I am excited as a new school year approaches. In 2017 - 18, we will build on the success of our first year here at JCIB Middle. Please see the information below as you prepare to get back to learning and making great art.
2017 - 2018 Visual Art Class Supply List

Sketchbook: at least 9 X 12, 50 pages. The wire-bound sketchbooks are easier to use and do not fall apart easily, but are not required. Larger sketchbooks are acceptable, also.
All students, all grades,  are required to have a sketchbook.

Pencils: Students are expected to be prepared for class by having a pencil. 

Other supplies: Students may also bring their own markers, colored pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, etc. Students are expected to be responsible for keeping track of the supplies they bring, or may donate them for all to use.

Sculpture and craft items: Visual art, especially sculpture, can be made from many every-day objects that are usually discarded. Students are encouraged to bring the following to the art room.
plastic bottle caps wrapping paper
small plastic toys ribbons
shoe boxes yarn
fabric scraps buttons
string/twine magazines
newspaper clean cups - styrofoam, paper or plastic.
or whatever you think could be made into art
When we have enough, we can explore ways of turning them into art.
‚ÄčGoogle Classroom
All Visual Arts classes have a virtual classroom online which uses the Google App, Classroom. All students have been invited to join. Please log in to your Jefcoed Google account to access Classroom.