May, Joseph
Welcome to the JCIB Middle School Art Department page.
Currently, the Art Department is in need of paper supplies, such as facial tissues and paper towels. If you can donate a few, I would be very appreciative. Our students thank you also.
 Just send what you can with your child, or bring them to the office.
Grading policy
As I have informed all classes, assignments without names will not be graded. Any projects without names are going into the "No Name Art" box in the art room. When I grade that assignment, if I cannot find a student's work, the student will get a 0 (zero) UNLESS I know the student has been absent. If I know a student has been absent, the assignment will not be graded until the student has the opportunity to complete the work in a timely matter, but it is the student'sresponsibility to approach me about how to make up the assignment.
What to do if you notice a zero in iNow
, if you did the assignment, look for it in the "No Name" box, write your name on it, and turn it in. I will probably take off a few points, but any grade is better than a zero. Parents/Guardians, if you notice a zero, please remind your student to follow the instructions above.
‚ÄčGoogle Classroom
All Visual Arts classes have a virtual classroom online which uses the Google App, Classroom. All students have been invited to join. Please log in to your Jefcoed Google account to access Classroom.