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Happy New Year!  It is 2017 and we are going to begin our year with a poetry unit.  Our scholars will study and analyze poetry in order to effectively compose their own masterpieces.  Our young poets will also create an art piece for each poem.  These works of art may be pictures that students have drawn or painted, original photography that accompanies the poem, or any original work of art that fits the theme of their poem.

November 28th-December 2nd

Greeting, 6th grade Parents and Scholars! I hope that everyone has enjoyed the holiday. Today, we will continue to make inferences by inferring the meanings of unfamiliar words. Since we are reading mysteries this unit, our non-fiction article is "Telling the Good Guys from the Bad Guys". We will use this article to make inferences.

Greetings, 7th grade Parents and Scholars! I hope that everyone has enjoyed the holiday. This week, we are continuing our unit about the effects of technology on our society. Today and tomorrow we will discuss and review sources that focus on cyber bullying. Students who have not completed their SOAPSTones have until Wednesday to do so.  Please do not forget your article of the week, which is due Friday.  The instructions are in Google Classroom.

 November 14th -November 18th

Last week, our scholars presented their information using PowerPoints and/or Videos.  They were awesome!  

This week sixth grade scholars will be making inferences in fiction and literary non-fictions.  Their grammar focus will be verbs.

Seventh grade scholars are analyzing argumentative text.  Their grammar focus will be identifying and using prepositional phrases.

 November 7th - November 11th

Last week, the 7th grade students used class time to work on their outlines, literary analyses, and their presentations. The students will present on Monday and Tuesday.  I have sent a flyer home with students to remind them of their presentation days, but if your scholar forgets, please check Google Classroom.

The sixth grade students are also working on presentations and also have assigned days.  

Here is a summary of what will be happening in class this week:

Monday-presentations (The rubric is on Google Classroom.)
Wednesday-Review literary elements and grammar
Thursday-10 question quiz
Friday- According to our school calendar, we are out of school on Veteran's Day.
January 2017


We are beginning our second semester by exploring the wonderful world of poetry!  During this unit, students will analyze poetry, as well as create poetry of their own.  To see poetry notes, students may view their Google Classrooms.

October 31, 2016-November 4, 2016

This week in ELA, 7th graders are writing a literary analysis on "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe.  The students' final product with will be an oral presentation.  

Our 6th graders are comparing and/or contrasting modern Gothic Literature to classic Gothic Literature.  The students may present their final products to the class using media of their choice.