Askea, Lyndsie

Mrs. Lyndsie Askea

Mrs. Lyndsie Askea

Welcome to 7th Grade Social Studies! 

So far this year, we have examined the influencers of the Constitution, interpreted it, and applied the concepts to current and past events through written work and a Socratic Seminar. We have focused on finding and using good sources, citing sources, and identifying bias.

Right now, we are going through a process of global-minded thinking promoted by National Geographic. This process is called "Geo-Inquiry" and it is a process of asking open-ended questions, collecting reliable data, creating visuals to explain the data, creating a story to inspire action, and then taking action. This aligns with the International Baccalaureate requirements of global-minded thinking and community focus.

Next unit, students will be learning about economics and how they can apply the concepts to their own lives through completion of a budget. 

The kids have been doing a tremendous job of taking very complicated processes and turning them into assignments that help them connect the ideas to the world around them.

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