What is IB Physical Education

IB Physical Education is a physical education class where students develop their physical, cognitive, emotional, and social learning.  Students will engage in a diverse activities to explore overarching concepts in each unit of study.  A typical unit of study will last 4-5 weeks and will have assessments comprised of physical and cognitive assessments.  I want to remind everyone this is very different than traditional physical education and the students will take time to gradually adjust to new learning experiences and expectations.  Please continue to encourage them and take interest in their physical education experience.

Student grades are broken down into two categories:

* In class work/homework (25% of total grade for each quarter)

* Standards-based assessments (75% of total grade for each quarter)

I want to stress that students are not graded on dressing out, and are only graded on participation if it is directly related to a physical education standard we are covering in a unit of study. All graded work in physical education will be based off of the state physical education standards for each grade level and the IB assessment criterion.

We are using Google Classroom for all classes here at JCIB, allowing students to access class content, assignments, and other important class information anywhere they can connect to the Internet. This also allows you as parents to receive notifications regarding important class information for all your student’s classes. To gain parent access to Google classroom you must be invited via email from a teacher. Once you have accepted the invitation you will be able to view information for all your child’s classes. If your child is not connected to our PE Google Classroom here are the class codes for each of the PE periods:
1st period: uvdm06
2nd period: tioz8y
3rd period: 1hsu2lj
5th period: pamu4po
6th period: 4tazr0
7th period: 77uxnu9